Friday, January 27

  • 12:00 Noon: stARTup Art Fair opens — The Press Preview takes place until 2:00 pm. The fair is open to the public during these preview hours; General Admission ticket required.

  • 6:00 pm: stARTup Art Fair temporarily closes to the public so we may prepare for our Opening Night Celebration

  • 7:00 pm: Opening Night Celebration — General Admission ticket is the only requirement for admittance. Live musical performance by Ohr, an LA-based, 5-piece experimental rock band. Performance by Allison Wyper and Erika Katrina Barbosathis is what I call the light of god

  • 10:00 pm: stARTup Art Fair closes to the public

Saturday, January 28

  • 12:00 Noon: stARTup Art Fair opens

  • 1:00 pm: The Power of Saying No: Artists as the Driver of Their Own Careers,  Moderated by Joen Madonna, Executive Director of Art Span, San Francisco

  • 2:00 pm: Special performance by Jenifer Yeuroukis and StevenMichaelArts: Sirenum scopuli, a video projection and live performance.
  • 2:30 pm: Torrance Art Museum: Approaching Museums, Moderated by Max Presneill, Director and Head Curator and Maurizzio Pineda, Assistant Curator, of the Torrance Art Museum.

  • 4:00 pm: The Hybrid Practice: Art & Entrepreneurship, Moderated by Allison Wyper of Rhizomatic Arts

  • 5:30 pm: How to Get a Gallery’s Attention Without Being Obnoxious Or, How to be the Best Horse in the Stable , Moderated by Ann Weber, Artist

  • 3-5 pm and 6-8 pm: Art Tarot Readings by Alexia Lewis

  • 9:00 pm: stARTup Art Fair closes to the public

Sunday, January 29

2017 Art Conversations

In cooperation with our cultural partners, stARTup Art Fair is pleased to present Art Conversations. Join us for a series of discussions about topical issues in the contemporary art moment. All Art Conversations take place in Room 122 and will be streamed live on our Facebook page!


Saturday, January 28

1:00 pm: The Power of Saying No: Artists as the Driver of Their Own Careers

To succeed in the arts is to make your own path. To make a mark, you must stand apart. Successful artists learn that saying no to less-inspiring offers frees up time to accept opportunities they do want. Join Creative Agent and ArtSpan Executive Director, Joen Madonna, as she inquires into the success stories of artists Audrey HellerRobin Denevan, and artist and author, Paul Madonna, all of whom have made their own careers by wielding the power of saying no.


2:30 pm: Torrance Art Museum: Approaching Museums

Moderated by Max Presneill (Director and Head Curator) and Maurizzio Pineda (Assistant Curator) of the Torrance Art Museum. An intimate, informal and supportive Q&A session for artists. They will answer your questions about working with small contemporary art museums, how to approach them, realistic expectations, do’s and don’ts and any other relevant questions as best and as honestly as we can, in an open forum. Artists should come with a list of subjects they wish to address and be prepared for some brutal truths as well as some genuine help in getting closer to their goals.


4:00 pm: Rhizomatic Arts: The Hybrid Practice: Art & Entrepreneurship

Moderated by Allison Wyper, panelists included Kristine Schomaker of Shoebox PR and Stephanie Diamond of the Listings Project. Kio Griffith, independent curator / artist / writer. How do artists support their practices? This discussion will look at the independent artist-entrepreneur, how and why to start a business to support one’s art. The panelists will discuss different shapes artistic careers might take, and how one leverages their skills as artists to make an impact or fill a need outside the studio.


5:30 pm: How to Get a Gallery’s Attention Without Being Obnoxious Or, How to be the Best Horse in the Stable

Artist Ann Weber moderates this discussion about the Do’s and Dont’s of attracting the attention of art dealers. Panelists include: Eva Chimento, Chimento Contemporary; Asha Bukojemsky, Associate, Samuel Freeman Gallery in Culver City; Phil Tarley, Curator, AC Gallery, Los Angeles; and Jeannie Denholm, Principal, Scape Gallery in Corona del Mar.


Sunday, January 29

1:00 pm: PØST: Subversive Strategies

HK Zamani moderator. PØST is a subversive project. It is an experimental system suggesting that existing support systems are lacking, and there’s need for a flexible venue for exhibition. It proposes a resistance toward fixed ideas, arguing a system is always in need of reconsideration, reinvention, and growth. An organic support system, its strategies continues to shift in an introspective manner.


2:30 pm: Los Angeles Art AssociationCollector Roundtable

Peter Mays moderates this panel discussion with collectors Joel Gilman, Cynthia Penna, and JoAnn Busuttil. Hear personal approaches and strategies for collecting and appreciating contemporary art from this cadre of top collectors. Gain insight on how they seek out new talent and make acquisitions.

4:00 pm: The Collectivists

Independent Curator and GYST Radio Host Kara W. Tomé moderates a panel to discuss how a vast number of artists are joining together to take greater control of their means of production and presentation. The current surge of standout artist-run spaces has become a democratic movement; and en masse, artist collectives are challenging the established hierarchy of how the gallery system and commerce function in the art world. Panelists will be three artists who are lead members of established collectives in Los Angeles: Jay Lizo of Monte Vista Projects, Max Presneill of Durden & Ray, and Chris Ulivo of Tiger Strikes Asteroid


5:30 pm: Peter Frank in Conversation with Shana Nys Dambrot: Getting Attention–is a Review all You Need?

Join critic/curators Shana Nys Dambrot and Peter Frank in a lively and candid conversation about how artists get their work seen and written about. What is the value of an art review in this process, what else does an artist need for success, and what is "success," anyway?


Special Events

Friday, January 27

8-10:00 pm: Musical performance by Ohr, a 5 piece experimental rock band from Los Angeles. Formed by visual artists in 2015, Ohr delivers a big sound of unbridled improvisation. Band members include: Thomas Burkhardt, Brian Cooper, Timmy Jordan, Jim Ovelmen, and Jay Stuckey


7-10:00 pm: Opening Night performance by Allison Wyper and Erika Katrina Barbosa: this is what I call the light of god

It's title a direct quote from a police officer describing his weapon, "this is what I call the light of god" is a participatory performance ritual for an age of police violence. Found sound of real U.S. officers, NRA members, and gun enthusiasts are embedded in the wombs of the performers: Our Ladies of Peace, vessels of the patriarchy, police brutality madonnas for the 21st century. Viewers are invited to rub the artists’ touch-responsive “pregnant” bellies, triggering vibrations and audio recordings of NRA leaders, clergy, and police officers who praise their weapons with religious zeal from within the womb. This collaboration combines performance artist Allison Wyper's work with vulnerability and participation, with media artist Erika Katrina Barbosa's interrogation of police violence through the objects officers carry.


Saturday, January 28

2:00 pm: Special performance by Jenifer Yeuroukis and StevenMichaelArts: Sirenum scopuli, a video projection and live performance collaboration exploring the the intersection of gender, race, consumerism and physical destruction.

3-5:00 pm and 6-8:00 pm: Art Tarot Reading by Alexia Lewis

Lewis’ work as an artist is about connecting as a priestess to the deceased through "memoria.” This takes shape through ritualistic performances and giving advice and support to artists. For stARTup, she will provide support through "art tarot" consultations. Using a custom made card deck that she designed, each consultation involves extemporaneous art-making. As Lewis listens to the artist, she questions them and makes drawings. If necessary, she will give the artists a list of actions to take. The session culminates in Lewis making a gift out of the advice she gave.


Sunday, January 29


Other Projects

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History will hold artist portfolio reviews during the three days of the fair with gallerists Walter Maciel and Charlie James, and Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gallery.


An ongoing, curated exhibition of sculpture by David O Johnson, video installations by Yoshie Sakai, and works by Greg Schenk and others.