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Free Download on iOS and Android

Our stARTup Art Fair app will help you navigate the fair, discover, fall in love with, and purchase, fantastic artwork. Download it now and see firsthand the artwork available at stARTup San Francisco 2017 as well as past exhibitors from stARTup Los Angeles.  



how to use the app

1. Download stARTup Art Fair app

2. Open the app, and point camera to art work or image to scan

3. Connect with artist and shop for works by exhibiting artists


Highlighted Features



Once installed, you can point their smartphone at any artwork on the app and visual recognition technology will recognize the artwork.  The app then provides you with more information about that specific piece. 


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of artwork on display and forget or lose track of your favourite works.  Using the shortlisting feature, this time around you can easily save your favorite artwork for later.

Mobile Purchasing

You can purchase artwork directly through the app, either before, during or even after the Fair. The app is safe and secure.


Artist Portfolio 

When you see an artist you like at the fair, you will be able to see their full portfolio of artwork - even pieces that aren't on display. This means a wider selection of artwork beyond what you see in the hotel rooms.


Through the app, we are able to send messages directly to your mobile to notify you about artists at the Fair and inform you about activities going on including live demonstrations and panel discussions, and guided tours.

Social Sharing 

Share your favorite artwork at the Fair with friends and family through the power of social media.