Andrew Muonio

Pantea Karimi and Andy Muonio are painters and printmakers with different approaches to form and color yet each working with the human relationship to the environment, history, the archive, and memory.

Drawing upon his personal memory and image archive, Andy Muonio’s current body of work concentrates on urban and natural landscapes of the South Bay; particularly the rebirth of the watersheds, and the urban interaction with this changing environment: marshes, salt-flats, water treatment plants, creeks, and trails. In his monoprints and oil and acrylic paintings, he uses expressive marks and dynamic palettes.
Teamed for the stARTup Art Fair, Karimi’s and Muonio’s work present distinct styles that both contrast and compliment: Karimi’s bold forms using screen prints and limited palette are a counter-point to Muonio’s modulation of full color and form. This counter-point is softened through the use of organic motifs by both artists.


For more information about the artist, please visit his website.