Beth Davila Waldman

I have had a long-standing relationship with photography and the process of editing realism through mixed media. Over the past 8 years, I have put forth work that falls into the realm of painting while still depending on site as my initial inspiration interpreted through my photographic lens instigating a direct dialogue between photography and painting. My art considers site, community, material and experience. Inspired by shifting landscapes and the expansion of the idea of home as place, my work explores a site’s economic, political and social contexts through architecture. The building blocks of cities, culture and humanity have been at the forefront of my practice. Using my own photography as source imagery, my art is constructed through a subtractive and deconstructive process of realism, shifting perspectives with color fields to speak intersections past & present on a global level.

This 2018 Desert Intersections Series was created using site as a premise during a artist residency at Playa Institute in the desert of Oregon's big basin. To it, I brought a large scale photograph (printed on Plexiglas using a flat bed printer) of the desert of my maternal homeland, Peru. Merging these two deserts together by shattering the one of my past on the grounds of my western American homeland in order to reconstruct an new landscape speaking to my current experience was my intention. These nine works resulted from this residency and are consistent with a new collage direction in my work since summer of 2017.


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