Clint Imboden

I am constantly visiting flea markets and estate sales searching for everyday objects that give me pause. From old shoes, worn books, and rusty screwdrivers to bicycle parts, vintage rulers, and crutches. I also have an affinity for collecting hundreds of the same item. These discarded and overlooked objects come home to my Oakland based studio. There, my haul of the neglected are re-purposed into assemblage sculptures and installations. My assemblages are material-based and process oriented. The objects I collect are used for their connotative, associative or narrative possibilities primarily meant to address social, cultural, and political topics. Viewing my art is not meant to be a passive experience. I use materials that challenge viewers to consider multiple references to understand the full meaning of my tactile sculptures and/or immersive installations. I want my audience to think beyond the object’s physical confines and ask: What are the associative qualities of these objects referring to?


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