Janice Bond

Launched in 2016, Beyond the Binary is an ongoing multimedia series and social practice created by Janice Bond. The work examines the kinship between the self-identified woman’s body and nature. A complex structure in nature is often met with wonder, reverence, and desire. A woman labeled as complex is often perceived as confusing, a liability, or worse, a threat. From anatomy to love, pleasure to personal safety, history repeatedly exposes the lens of age, race, class, respectability, politics, and gender’s influence on societal norms. Bond believes it is imperative for women, particularly women of color to take the lead in documenting each other across mediums and platforms. By both providing sanctuary and reflection, this “work in progress” is an inter-generational and intercultural sisterhood, a new form of cultural mapping built on the trust, liberation, and love of women around the world.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website.