2016 Artists

Nancy Willis

A major theme of my work is intimacy and social connection, which is mirrored in the hotel environment. There is a joining of public and private space. This becomes even more compelling with the nature of stARTup Art Fair, where viewers are invited into intimate spaces during a public event. The bed is the centerpiece to hotel culture and presenting the Bed series within this context is a fantastic opportunity for viewers to experience the work. The hotel is also a place of community and isolation, where a chance encounter or planned event can shape ones’ life. The R.S.V.P. series looks at the props, codes and atmosphere that set the stage for a memorable dining moment.

I often work in a series, investigating a trope or image from daily life to explore how color and light can inform meaning and instill the work with a sense of place. In the bed series, ink is applied and removed like experience and memory. We see evidence and presence but also absence. The narrative is suggested from the viewer.

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