Video Projections

Silent Exclamation, Video Program curated by stARTup Houston exhibitor, Felipe Lopez.

A 90 minute loop of the work of various artists based on silent protests:

Rachel Gardner

Lina Dib

Haley Bowen

Meghan Hendley

Outspoken Bean

Sergio Trevino

Jonatan Lopez

Preston Boyer

Michael Walrond/ SHDWSOFDUST


Art Conversations

Panel Discussions will be held in the Loft Meeting Room on the Mezzanine Level above the Hotel’s front desk

// SATURDAY, October 12

1:30pm: A Conversation with Artist, Aaron Turner

Please join Curator Haley Berkman Karren in conversation with stARTup Houston exhibitor Aaron Turner as they discuss his artwork and issues of identity, abstraction, and the historical archive as well as ideas of the black artist as subject and blackness as material.

3pm: An Artist, Gallerist, Collector, and Art Lawyer Demystify the Process of Acquiring Art

Moderator: Sammetria Goodson, Managing Attorney, Goodson Law, LLC

Join Art Lawyer Sammetria Goodson, Artist Fariba Abedin, Fine Art Advisor Jennifer Perrell Lewis, and Collectors Dani & Chris Davenport as they deep dive into the multiple perspectives and business aspects of collecting art. The experience of acquiring artwork and supporting Artists is wonderful, exhilarating, and potentially bewildering at first. For example, what happens after you decide to purchase artwork at stARTup Houston? How do Artists view artwork purchases? How do you develop a relationship with Dealers or Art Advisors? How do you find other artwork that speaks to you? How should you approach or work with art galleries? Do you need special paperwork or documents for your artwork? Let us demystify the often unspoken aspects of the art-buying process.

4:30pm: Artist as Entrepeneur: Becoming the CEO of Your Life

Moderator: Ray Beldner, Artist, Founder/Director, stARTup Art Fair

Join 2019 Clark Hulings Fund Business Accelerator Fellows Carrie Cook and Adreon Henry (both from Austin, TX), CHF advisory board chair, Susan Morrow, and artist and stARTup Houston exhibitor Jeff Horton, as they delve into what it takes to move a goal from theory to already accomplished.



Curated by Experimental Action, there will be a series of performances Friday and Saturday night by these artists:

Julia Claire Wallace

An Di Matteo

Evan McCarley

Jeanette Joy Harris

Traci Lavois Thiebaud

Joanna Ruth Smith

// friDAY, OCTOBER 11

6:30pm: 4th floor

Julia Claire Wallace, Icon on Main

A participatory, transformative ritual performance by Houston based performance artist and organizer.


6-9pm: Loft on mezzanine

Jeanette Joy Harris and Joanna Ruth Smith, Tea Party

A participatory work that explores the destruction of civility in public discourse. Using “tea” as a jumping off point, this work juxtaposes the ritual of afternoon tea with its use as a metaphor in politics.

Evan McCarley, Performance

McCarley will be using floppy disks and overhead projectors to create an installation, which will include a performance about our political climate, the environment, family and memories of the past.


1-5pm: 3rd and 4th floor landings

Traci Lavois Thiebaud, Poetry and the Carbon Copy of an Echo

This work is an interactive poetry and audio performance where audience suggestions shape the words and sounds of the experience. The poet will create a custom poem, on the spot, based on the patron’s suggestion.

An Di Matteo, holotxt

The holotext is a non-verbal analogue of human communication. Physically—a handheld device—a pane of glass; conceptually, a trans-personal interface—upon which users must write backwards in order to converse.