2018 Artists

Beka Brayer

My assemblage is a direct response to the untapped imagery that lives in the recesses of my creative being. I am a dream weaver. My process begins at rest, and takes its purest form there. As an assemblage artist, the deliberate exit from outside interference and into my own artistic headspace allows me to dance in the abstract and to release the confines of my reality. As I create, my emphasis is initially on the object and its architecture...the concept is secondary. Imperfection has always stroked my artistic sensibilities. I approach each piece of work knowing that just below the surface, the image of my artistic narrative waits. Every one of a kind piece embodies a specific destination, resulting in a representation that captures a significant moment in time. 

My body of work will be a combination of free standing and wall hung assemblage art. I hope to utilize each space thoughtfully, approaching my displays as a story teller would. Each wall in my room will represent a chapter in my assemblage process, allowing viewers to move through the space as my work tells its story.


For more information about the artist, please visit her website.

Mica EnglandROOM 311