2018 Artists

Gillian Keller

My artworks are metaphors for the bizarre, discordant battles that wage in the subconscious - being so maniacally angry that you begin to laugh, or being so overwhelmed with the juiciness of life that you start to cry. 

Within each piece is a narrative of life and death, beauty in suffering, and humor in darkness. Visually and symbolically, there is a push and pull between seemingly opposing forces. A guarded, wounded saint shimmers in gold blood on hot-pink rocks; a crucified female christ lifts her head in transcendence, bleeding gold and rainbows onto the fertile ground, where flowering mushroom gardens grow below her. A sea siren drinks too much potion, expelling the excess in rainbows before a resplendent sky. The sickly-sweet colors, cotton candy clouds and psychedelic rainbows bring an unusual balance to the underlying content of work - discomfort, frustration, and confusion exist - but, simultaneously, beauty, absurdity and silliness exist. This is the full spectrum of opulence surrounding us in our human experience. Seeing this first-hand has compelled me to share this fulfilling vision. 

The artworks I wish to show are all a reflection of spiritual imagery and traditions that make up my own experience of the spirit world. I propose a resplendent display of my artworks in my own room of the Kinney, showing mostly original handmade works, and including one-of-a-kind prints and small editions, and copies of my book of poetry, images and prose; as well as a portion of (if not the entire triptych) my light-up altarpiece installation. I intend to make my room a reflection on my own inner universe and my visual vocabulary. I will be playing music that I am fond of and which has influenced many of my pieces. I intend to create a rich environmental experience that invites viewers into my mind to see a world where good and evil, right and wrong, pain and joy can all exist in the same experience.


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Mica EnglandROOM 212