Los Angeles

January 26-28, 2018


Art Conversations will take place at breakfast room on ground floor.

All Art Conversations will be in the Breakfast Room on the ground floor

Saturday January 27

1:00pm / Public Art Roundtable

Moderator: Peter Mays, Executive Director, Los Angeles Art Association

Public art is an important and often curious career path for many artists. Do you find your personal artist path limited to only gallery exposure? Public Art opportunities go well beyond murals or placing sculptures outdoors, Our stellar panel of will drill deep and reveal what they do to facilitate civic art and how artists can access these opportunities. 


2:30pm / Staying Alive: Artist Side Hustles

Moderator: Megan Abrahams, Artist, Writer and Editor, Fabrik Magazine

Many artists are forced to have another career to make ends meet. This discussion tackles both the philosophical and the practical - addressing issues like time management, prioritizing your art, and how to juggle multiple roles so you can still have an active studio practice without sacrificing your soul as an artist.


4:00pm / The Future is Female: Women Artists Speak Truth to Power

Moderator: Joen Madonna, Executive Director, San Francisco Art Span

In this climate of toxic patriarchal masculinity and resistance, how are women artists poised to influence a new, equality-based culture? What are the pressing issues that can be illuminated by examining our current milieu?  Subversive practices and visual messaging that shed light on culturally ingrained gender biases to make way for new modes of equal and respectful thinking are but two strategies shaping the practices of many female artists today. Hear local and international women artists speak about their reactions to this moment through the lens of their artmaking. Panelists include artists Ilaria Bochicchio, Juliana Coles, and Gillian Keller.

5:30pm / Applicable Tools and How to Operate as an Artist

Organized by Nathaly Charria, Independent Curator and Creative Director

Join Nathaly Charria, artist Parker Day, Daniel Lisi, of Not a Cult Media, along with a special guest as they join in a free-ranging conversation about making a life as a working artist and the tools necessary to survive and prosper.


Sunday January 28

1:00pm / Archival Myths & High Quality Misunderstandings

Moderator: Jeremy Mora, Owner, POVevolving Fine Art Printing Studio

The owners of three fine art production companies--POVevolving, Fine Art Solutions, and Custom Art Surfaces--will be discussing commonly misunderstood notions about the word archival within the realm of fine art production services. They will also be addressing some of the challenges and solutions for artists seeking to make high quality work while not going broke doing so.


2:30pm / Artist as Entrepreneur: Becoming the CEO of Your Life

Moderator: Ray Beldner, Artist, Founder/Director, stARTup Art Fair

Join 2018 Clark Hulings Fund Business Accelerator Fellows Juliana Coles and Gregg Chadwick, and Steve Pruneau, agile program manager, CHF facilitator and founder of the management consulting firm Free Agent Source as they delve into what it takes to move a goal from theory to already accomplished.