Los Angeles

January 26-28, 2018


Featured Artist:

Parker Day, Room 314

Curated by Nathaly Charria

Icon Series Photo by Parker Day

Icon Series Photo by Parker Day

Parker Day is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work explores personality and identity. Through costuming and exaggerated expressions, Day highlights the truth of who and what she portrays. She deliberately eschews Photoshop in favor of in-camera capture on film. Lurid color bathes her work and heightens the surreality of her subjects while the grain and grit of the photographs make them palpably real.

Parker Day will transform one of the mid century modern suites at The Kinney Hotel into a freaky art paradise that brings audiences into the sets of ICONS. Through bright colors and textures, Day presents her body of work within a site-specific installation that differentiates from her traditional exhibitions.

In additional we will feature the second edition of ICONS book published by Not A Cult. Saturday is a celebration of this year’s featured artist Parker Day with a book signing in her room and evening event hosted by Ariel Brickman with sounds by Senay Kenfe of Boiler Room. 




Friday noon: Guta Galli
61 pounds

walk mintotaur .jpg

Guta Galli will do a 3-hour durational performance that activates her main research, The Minotaur and Us, in the public context of the fair.  She will engage in a gestural/sculptural study with 61 pounds of yarn. This monumental red entity, the yarn, carries the memories, hair, blood and sweat  of 30 different performances and 31 different women, including herself.

For more info about this project, visit www.gutagalli.com

Friday, 5:00pm: Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack
To be Held

Daniel Lomack Gaitor.jpg

Daniel will use the outside space as a platform for a continuing conceptual performance installation where he will be embodying cultural legacies and present identities of oneself.

While turning conversation into ceremony, an energy of the physical and spiritual appeal will be highly present through a selected body of work where he will conduct a poetic control of the contemporary delivering a tradition for the audience to witness and engage in the metaphysical.

A fragile sculptural artifact will accompany the performance along with an improvisational dialogue that captures the raw material of a shifting non-neutral space and powerful prop usage. It will be up to fate to decide the nuances and narration of the performance.

Each day on shuttle: Doni Silver Simons
In Transit

Doni Silver Simons.jpg

In Transit is a performative work taking place on a shuttle that transports visitors between More Art Here at the Barker Hangar and stARTup Art Fair throughout the weekend.

Inspired by her series, The Calm and the Chaos, in which Silver Simons has created drawings on airplanes and by her performances which document the passing of time, Transit memorializes movement, time and duration. Riders on the shuttle will participate at their seats during the 20 minute ride, deposit their work at the destination and receive a signed document commemorating their participation.

Silver Simons and her performers will also create works on the shuttle. The time/date, seat location, and performer will be noted on each of their works.  



Ilaria Bochicchio
Who Run The World

In our contemporary moment I feel as if I am choking on the millions of images all of human lives everyday. It is about my state of mind, part of all I saw, all about this historical period. Hate and love beauty and ugliness at same moment all together, mixed and smashed in our self consciousness.



Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 2.33.38 PM.png

Jenifer Yeuroukis
deconstructing through manifestation one

Words are complicated things. They possess imposed meanings that take up a long term residency in the muscles and bones of the body. The same words that help me communicate and take up space in society are the same words that bind and restrict my body and shape it into a very narrow identity. I do not seek to label a word good or bad, rather I seek to experience words as a journey through deconstruction on the body into alternative meaning and more fluid identity.

Large Scale Painting

Jane Fisher
Mr. Los Angeles, 1950 and Muscle Power

These nostalgic large-scale paintings by Jane Fisher (Room 331) will grace the outdoor areas of the hotel, paying homage to a bygone era in Venice's history.

The phenomenon of weight lifters and acrobats performing exercises and stunts on the beach in LA started in the 20's and 30's, south of the Santa Monica Pier. The popularity of this site, later named “Muscle Beach,” was due to the depression and the burgeoning film making industry. 

That location gradually fell into disrepair and a new site for bodybuilding was erected in Venice Beach by the city's park and rec. This location evolved into the Muscle Beach in Venice that we know today.



Jerico Woggon
California Light

A prolific resident of Downtown Los Angeles, multi-disciplinary artist Jerico Woggon has created an art installation to activate an outdoor courtyard for startup Art Fair at the Kinney Venice Beach Hotel. Creating site-specific black light installations since 1989, his hallmark presentations have earned him exhibits and presentations at such renowned events as the Coachella Music Festival, the MONA Museum of Neon Art, Burning Man, the Virgin Music Festival, and Autumn Lights. Inspired by the works of Donald Flavin, Luigi Colani, and Charles and Ray Eames, Jerico goes beyond the traditional boundaries of museum aesthetics to produce large-scale outdoor environments that surprise and delight all who come upon them. Look for the UV black light installation and immerse yourself in the fantasy.

Presented by Cartwheel Art
www.cartwheelart.com / @installationart.jerico

Jerico Woggon
California Impressions

Jerico Woggon’s new photography series is an outdoor survey presented as a dynamic slideshow incorporating his ten-year study of the otherwise unnoticed hieroglyphic-like details of our urban landscape. His utilization of architectural motif as a digital image brings a sense of depth and intrigue to his work.  A multi-media artist, Jerico is heavily influenced by his family of artists, particularly his Grandfather Bill Woggon--known for his seminal comic book series Katy Keene from 1945 through 1960. Jerico’s compelling black & white photography slide presentation will provide an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the sometimes gritty, sometimes glamorous city that is Los Angeles.

Presented by Cartwheel Art
www.cartwheelart.com / @101jerico