Los Angeles

January 26-28, 2018


Friday, January 27, 2017

8-10:00pm / Musical performance by Ohr

Ohr, a 5 piece experimental rock band from Los Angeles. Formed by visual artists in 2015, Ohr delivers a big sound of unbridled improvisation. Band members include: Thomas Burkhardt, Brian Cooper, Timmy Jordan, Jim Ovelmen, and Jay Stuckey


7-10:00pm / Opening Night performance by Allison Wyper and Erika Katrina Barbosa: this is what I call the light of god

It's title a direct quote from a police officer describing his weapon, "this is what I call the light of god" is a participatory performance ritual for an age of police violence. Found sound of real U.S. officers, NRA members, and gun enthusiasts are embedded in the wombs of the performers: Our Ladies of Peace, vessels of the patriarchy, police brutality madonnas for the 21st century. Viewers are invited to rub the artists’ touch-responsive “pregnant” bellies, triggering vibrations and audio recordings of NRA leaders, clergy, and police officers who praise their weapons with religious zeal from within the womb. This collaboration combines performance artist Allison Wyper's work with vulnerability and participation, with media artist Erika Katrina Barbosa's interrogation of police violence through the objects officers carry.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

2:00pm / Special performance by Jenifer Yeuroukis and StevenMichaelArts: Sirenum scopuli

A video projection and live performance collaboration by Jenifer Yeuroukis and SteveMichaelArts, exploring the the intersection of gender, race, consumerism and physical destruction.


3-5:00pm, 6-8:00pm / Art Tarot Reading by Alexia Lewis

Lewis’ work as an artist is about connecting as a priestess to the deceased through "memoria.” This takes shape through ritualistic performances and giving advice and support to artists. For stARTup, she will provide support through "art tarot" consultations. Using a custom made card deck that she designed, each consultation involves extemporaneous art-making. As Lewis listens to the artist, she questions them and makes drawings. If necessary, she will give the artists a list of actions to take. The session culminates in Lewis making a gift out of the advice she gave.

Other Project

Curated Exhibition

An ongoing, curated exhibition of sculpture by David O Johnson, video installations by Yoshie Sakai, and works by Greg Schenk and others.

Portfolio reviews

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History will hold artist portfolio reviews during the three days of the fair with gallerists Walter Maciel and Charlie James, and Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gallery.