Dana DeKalb and Jane Fisher

Morality Play: Paintings by Dana DeKalb and Jane Fisher

A morality play is an allegorical drama in which the characters personify abstract qualities or concepts (such as virtues, vices or death), and as the drama unfolds, it teaches a lesson about how we should live. In the current political environment, this theme is played out for us in stark relief, moment by moment. This exhibition will take a more understated approach: by mixing subtle symbolism with contemporary realism in unexpected ways, the artists choose to leave the lesson up to the audience.

With irony and empathy, Dana DeKalb and Jane Fisher have each devoted many years to observing and recording human psychological interactions. In this show, a mirror is presented to the viewer, with the reflection just a bit skewed. In a style reminiscent of arcane museum dioramas, Dana’s paintings include an edgy magician and a befuddled ventriloquist struggling to maintain control over their props; two inappropriately dressed hunters on a trek through the jungle; and a child contemplating a miniature planet. Jane will include her recent series of dual portraits of muzzled dogs who reveal a restrained ferocity that is both poignant and frightening; a wall-sized painting based on vintage yearbook photographs, in which the awkward subjects put their best face forward; and circus and vaudeville performers who act and react to each other under a spotlight on the public stage.

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