2018 Artists

Emily Maddigan

I am interested in making work than elevates material and process beyond expectation. Beach trash, leather, beads, sequins, and almost anything else at my disposal can be manipulated and re-interpreted to beautify or break down an object’s form. I am passionate about finding new media to work with and creating bodies of work that are unique and open to interpretation. The result is art that surprises, seduces and sometimes unsettles the viewers relationship to any given piece. I am interested in blurring the line between fine art and craft, and examining my own cultural experience in the process. 

Most recently, I have been creating sculpture based on recovered and damaged hunting mounts. These animals (mostly found on Craig’s List) are in dire need of repair- and new homes. Although hunting provokes different responses from different people, I welcome the opportunity to revitalize each piece with meticulous care. Each piece has its own story and its own personality. Masculine-feminine. Elegant and disheveled. New and old. I appreciate how art allows me to address all these dichotomies at once- and still provide new horizons and points of view. 

For more information about Emily Maddigan, please visit her website.