Keith Wilson

As a place of refuge from the immersive digital environment that dominates our existence, my primary interest is to create Pure Paintings which develop from a directed focus and response to the physical analog qualities of the painting support, pigments and tools. I am attempting to create paintings that are narrative neutral, self-contained and free from reference to commercial, social or manufactured influences but are embedded with an aura or mnemonic coding. These resultant paintings which consist of simple color/shapes are abstractly related to memory, thought processes/recall and play out parallel relationships distilled from a critical view of life and from the ethereal spaces experienced in observing the natural and constructed world.

After constructing many of these color block paintings directly with a brush, I realized that I was no longer drawing. Recently I have extended my work to include initial random linear marks with vine charcoal (made with my non-dominate hand) which when painted with thinned oil paint establish boundaries which I can selectively respect or violate. This corresponding divergent path is further informed by a significant inner focus on the systems and irregular shape/placement and synchronized operation of the body’s biological structure and organs: becoming the abstract inspiration but not necessarily the purpose or the subject/object of the work.

The carefully mixed oil colors are dissimilar and often purposefully challenging and bright, ignoring color theory in search of anonymous tertiary colors that are added to the matrix with unplanned interactions. The paintings remain in a state of flux for an extended period of observation, reflection and constant readjustment of the colors and shapes using transparent glazes and overcoats to achieve a statement of cohesive disagreement.

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