Kimberlee Koym-Murteira

I am a consumer of unwanted toxicities that lead me on a quest for beauty, humor, vitality, and connection. I use water as a lens and conduit helping me give presence to the people I want to store and bring into my life. I house videos of these people within mason jars. I choose to work with liquids -- for their transparency, and as they are too slippery for me to fully control. I engage a process of disorientation to rotate and shake the snow globe of my life, enjoy the sparkle, beauty of light and movement, being projected through water. Still photographic prints on metal freeze moments from my videos.

Additionally, I create abstract counterpoints to these video sculptures, using “Conflicted plastic” a flexible skin, I cast into transparent sculptures that wiggle. Whether I am making a video or kinetic sculpture, activating an installation or a projection machine, ordinary household supplies such as glass bottles, cereal bag liners, and plastic bags ground the work materially. They mark connections between the virtual and physical; connections and pathways, electricity and water colliding in the same conduit, expressing the complexity of beauty, anxiety, and love.

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