Mary K. Shisler

I find inspiration in the beauty of my botanical subjects. I like the way light plays with their shapes and forms. I choose by selecting subjects that show the element of time upon their surfaces, colors and forms as well. My interest in both Wabi-sabi and the work of Karl Blossfeldt. The starkness of Blossfeldt's plant forms has always intrigued me. His detailed images display plant structure as an architectural form. I leave the backgrounds simple as well to allow the drama of the plant center stage.

Like Blossfeldt, I find that enlargement intrigues the viewer and brings them closer to the artistic and structural elements of the plant's leaves and flowers. Details that might go unnoticed acquire importance and intrigue. They bring an understanding of the subject.

The aesthetic of Wabi- sabi draws me into a world of impermanence and imperfection to help define what is beautiful. The seasonal nature of leaves and flowers contributes to the sense of transience.

Anna Atkins, long my hero, created the first book illustrated with photographic images, BRITISH ALGAE, Cyanotype Images. I have worked with cyanotypes extensively. The way I create cyanotype photograms informs my manner of creation here.

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