Peter Dreyfuss

I have been cutting and carving steel for the past 13 years, fabricating pieces ranging from 12" to 10’ in height. Influences of cubism, bauhaus, and art nouveau are in evidence, formed and welded with oxy-acetylene and plasma torches, and a mig welder. The 44,000 degree tip of the plasma torch allows sharp, precise cuts and right-angle shoulders without melting the surrounding steel.

It is sometimes difficult to stay away from representation and "abstracting" reality, but success is bringing new concepts to a 3-dimensional control of space, using the traditional building blocks of line, shape, density, form, and balance. Instead of answering questions, posing them: Allowing the viewer to bring his/her own lunch, seeing the work through one's own lens, and should liftoff occur, briefly be able to stop time.

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