2018 Artists

Tucker Eason

I combine elements of portraiture and gestural abstraction as a vehicle for expression. Drawing from personal experience I explore human nature and evoke feelings of closeness and intimacy, inviting the viewer into a space of disarming familiarity, comfort, and trust. 

My current work is a conversation about masculinity with transformative men in my life. I tell them, often for the first time, how they have shaped who I am and why I care so deeply for them. By subverting the traditional idea of heteronormative masculinity I invite my subject to show up with an understanding of humility, safety and love giving the paintings a distinct sensitivity. 

Combined with elements of abstraction these portraits explore expression, honesty and intimate human connection. Focusing on abstract painting in conversation with representation I take agency to communicate directly with viewer. I use my work to express authentic and essential humanity. 


For more information about Tucker, please visit his website.