Victoria Estacio Huckins

I do not have a preconceived image or idea in mind when I begin a painting. I start by preparing the surface with texture paste. I then add color and shapes somewhat at random. Soon thereafter, a creative and imaginative process begins to unfold as I react to what is happening on the canvas. I eventually develop a somewhat more fixed vision of the final piece and I then make a more conscious effort to move in that direction. I use a variety of materials, including acrylics and oil paint, paste, pen and ink, oil pastel, found objects and remnants of magazine articles and old books, to name a few. I also design and make my own stencils and paper, which I often incorporate into my work. Sometimes this process does not lead to a satisfactory result in which case all is not lost because I then have a great textured surface to serve as a foundation for my next creative endeavor!

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