Affordable Housing for Artists Workshop

4pm: Affordable Housing for Artists Workshop

Speakers: Eliza Pizano, MEDA Housing Opportunities Coach and Peter Papadopoulos, MEDA Land Use Policy Analyst

With a grant to the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), The San Francisco Arts Commission has made one-on-one counseling services available to SF artists to help guide them through the affordable housing application process, as well as provide a number of other important financial services such as free financial coaching and free tax preparation. Those who live or work in San Francisco and are active participants in the arts and cultural scene such as artists, cultural workers, art teachers, performers, technicians, and arts administrators are welcome to take advantage of this program. When affordable housing units are available, artists may even be able to submit their first housing application at the end of the workshop with the help of a housing counselor.


Attendees of this talk should bring ONE of the following documents, in order to apply for housing on the spot:

If you live in San Francisco: Telephone bill (landline only), cable or internet bill, gas or electric bill, garbage bill,  water bill, pay stub (listing home address), public benefits record or school record.

If you work in San Francisco: Paystub (showing employer address in San Francisco) or letter from employer verifying employment in San Francisco with at least 75% of working hours in the City.