Andrea Fono

Andrea’s work combines the inspiration of spiritual discovery with a reverence for the natural world. Her mono-prints are visual meditations that remind us of our connection to the larger world around us, and ultimately, the infinity of the cosmos. They explore moments of tranquility and transition in the landscape and invite the viewer to connect emotionally with a place and time they may not have visited.

 In 2011, Andrea went to the Amazon and witnessed firsthand the devastation of the deforestation of the jungle and grasped the urgency of the situation. Alarmed by the global threat of petroleum drilling in places like the Ecuadorian Rainforest, she pledged to convey in her work the unfolding story of what could be lost due to the peril that climate change presents to our planet. In her words: “I hear a calling for a new kind of eco-justice-artist whose function will be to bridge culture, education and the sciences. When we are able to see our earth as sacred, we will not want to exploit it.”

 This inspired her Waking to Wonder, Painting with Blossoms series where by she incorporates actual “life” into her art process. With great reverence, Andrea starts each spring morning by foraging for fresh blooms on the ground. 

 The flower forms are imprinted into the paper via a 600 pounds from her mono-printing press. By gently painting the tips of the petals and placing them into patterns of spirals, waves, and stripes she reveals a body of work that tells us of our divine connection to nature and the beyond.


For more information about the artist, please visit her website.