Annie Seaton

Magnificent Obsession: 
a curated exhibition at the stARTup Art Fair featuring emerging to mid-career women artists from LA who utilizing photography and / or ink.

The title, Magnificent Obsession comes from one of my favorite Oscar winning Hollywood movies. The title has two meanings; firstly it represents the location of the fair in the heart of Hollywood honoring that history but secondly very aptly describes each artist’s personal practice devoting their lives to their ongoing artistic practice and exploration of materials. 

The exhibition will be tightly curated. I will select each artist’s current artwork into a finely edited group exhibition. My thinking is that I would like to further expose each artist to the LA art world but in a new context outside of just "painters" or just "photographers," but as powerful and fresh "new" group differentiated by their passion for art and craft. 


The following artists selected are listed below but may change: