Arturo Herrera

The theme I would like to display in the exhibition is issues surrounding self-awareness of one's sexuality along with one’s identity and the process of speaking about it.

With this particular body of work, I would like to create a space in which the audience can experience the different barriers, physical desires and obstacles that I personally encounter. 

I envision using the wall space to display the different series of photographic sessions in which I experimented with models in the past few years. I have also created different plaster sculptures that I am planning on using in the space including a large banana, lollypop and an Ice cream cone.

I have created a sculpture of a holding cell from fences and barbed wire and will use one wall for this exhibition and  I am planning on setting an altar behind it, containing photos and bronze sculptures that you can see through the fence.

I am excited about this exhibition because it will allow me to set up a display of some of my work which is sexually inspired in a classically erotic environment, such as a hotel bedroom.


For more information about the artist, please visit his website.