Barry Gordon

My figurative imagery often features social satire or political commentary, seen through a surrealist lens. Viewers see variant representations of music, biologic and organic forms, institutions and social relationships. I play with visual counterpoint in my art, among color, design, composition, space, optical abstraction and fantasy.

Nature inspires me, and as a surrealist I include my own distinctive abstracted and altered versions of flowers, trees, birds and humans. My work is organic in the manner in which the imagery evolves, both conceptually and physically. Spatial elements and relationships are important for how artistic problems are resolved.

My imagery provides a broad repertoire for the viewer’s mind to draw on, from their own base of experiences. The viewer can develop their own conceptual or visceral “holistic perception” of a scene, a feeling, an experience, a situation or a relationship. Relationships might be about love or romance, or that between friends, or family members or within the “self”. What follows is an instantaneous recognition, not necessarily analytically or consciously understood—ending in a reflexive interactive smile derived from the pleasure of the journey.


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