Becca Gordon

I create colorful, bold abstract paintings on both paper and canvas, though I'm exploring more on paper right now. My work is inspired by the desire to share thoughts, feelings and emotions. I communicate my personal interpretations through a frenzy of thick and thin layers of paint to create stories of movement and ideas. In doing this I combine fast layers of expressive brush strokes with carefully thought out graphic and patternistic forms that overlap, interact and play with the organic abstractions.

When I was a kid, my father read the Harry Potter books out loud to me while I painted Paint-By-Numbers. We went through all seven books that way, even when I got too old to be read to, and I kept painting Paint-By-Numbers-- plotting down one color in the designated outline and then another and another. Looking back, this really informed how I go about art today. One brush stroke leads to another, and then one element or color informs the next action. It's a step-by-step process where one step can either be peaceful or unexpected. I love the struggle of forming a painting, of making it work and figuring out how to solve the puzzle that forms.


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