Beth Davila Waldman

During a printmaking residency in Basel, Switzerland in August of 2018, I created my most abstract works inspired by the fragments of Plexiglas I have been using in collages since 2017. The resulting monotypes reference these Plexiglas forms with linocuts as well as use them directly as individual plates to represent a system in crisis and the potential navigation of something better. The fractured lines resulting from their extemporaneous shattering implicate displacement, disaster and disintegration. The isolated and intersecting forms highlight the singular nature of the impact that birthed each form and the potential of change with each suggestion of shift.

I am presenting a series of monotypes to exhibit from my 2018 "Devolution Series" both created at EditionBasel and Kala Institute and my "Intermittence Series" printed while in residency at Kala Institute in 2018-2019.


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