Beth Davila Waldman

Like so many thoughts or memories of place, my paintings are constructed from montage of imagery. The fractured quality of the work, resulting from digitally deconstructed photographs and thick layers of paint, creates an interlude between the images speak to the way we experience and register life visually and mentally. Just as we move from one fleeting moment to the next, my paintings use multiple perspectives to tell the story of a place compound time. Large abstract textured planes are juxtaposed with layers of realism to bring about another level of focus and guide the eye to travel in and out of various dimensions in the painting. For almost four decades now, I have been setting up camp around the world. I work with what is revealed by site and the fingerprints I impart always with the help of strangers. My art considers site, community, material and experience using architectural language and materials from or inspired by imaginary & actual sites. The paintings presented to you are reconstructed urban landscapes inspired initially by a 2010 trip to my maternal homeland Arequipa, Peru and a 2014 trip to Mexico. Since, trips to "The Motherland" Greece, The Dominican Republic, & Brazil have served as new building blocks for my paintings.


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