Counterpoint Studio

We are Peter Tonningsen and Lisa Levine. Our work centers on combining numerous photographic images to convey multidimensional impressions of urban and industrial environments. 

Regarding our collaborative creative process: we each begin with a single roll of film and walk around a defined place photographing various scenes and landmarks throughout that area. That film is rewound, exchanged, and we duplicate this process right over the top of what the other artist has just photographed, with this exchange repeated multiple times, eventually creating a surprising and complexly layered document of that place. We then scan the film and rework these scenes to accentuate selected formal and contextual components. This unique synthesis between digital and analog technologies relies on the distinctive characteristics and possibilities of each, yet also unites them into an aesthetically imaginative form. Such interpretive photographs are no longer picture perfect portals into reality, but now depict a multidimensional perspective that expands our notions of the photographic instant and reorders the appearance of photographic space.


For more information about the artists, visit their website.