Dan Lythcott-Haims

Art invites the viewer into the head and heart of the artist. It is a challenge to see differently. Photography's unique role within the arts is its ability to show what IS at the same time as it manipulates the point of view to manifest the vision of the artist. 

As a product designer, I know how things are made and should look. Imperfections stand out. As an artist, imperfection is my greatest interest because it draws the eye in different directions than the designer intended. My intention as a photographer is to elevate the broken and bent bits of the human-made world that are often unnoticed, avoided, or discarded. 

I whittle my subjects down to their core. I do this by composing in the camera with a fixed-length lens, moving my body closer and closer until I find the important essence of the subject. Often this means losing the context of location, environment, and even the subject itself. What I hope to gain is a record of that thing that caught my interest - that thing that other people don't see. 


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