Dana DeKalb

“The Bargain: Paintings by Dana DeKalb and Jane Fisher” 

A two-person exhibition of narrative figure paintings that delve into the more conflicted aspects of the human psyche. 

In the well-known German legend, the ambitious Dr. Faust makes a deal with the Devil, surrendering his soul without considering the long-term consequences. In exchange, he receives unlimited worldly power, but abandons his moral principles. Mixing subtle symbolism with contemporary realism, this exhibition takes the metaphor of the Faustian Bargain into the world around us. 

Dana DeKalb and Jane Fisher have each devoted many years to observing and recording human psychological interactions with both empathy and irony. Each artist will dedicate a portion of this show to a series of formal portraits portraying the wives of totalitarian leaders from around the world (such as Idi Amin, Pol Pot and Ferdinand Marcos). In their displays of elegance, power and ill-gotten wealth, the First Ladies embody a modern-day Faustian Bargain. The portraits stir up conflicting responses, inviting us to contemplate the struggle between complicity and coercion.


For more information about Dana, please visit her website.