Danielle Eubank

Through the theme of water, I explore natural forms and the consequences of the human footprint on landscapes all over the world. I am painting all of Earth’s major bodies of water. 

The body of work I plan to exhibit is my more ‘abstract’ water series. It bestrides the line between abstraction and representation. I am looking for the tipping point between the conceptual and visible. I consider the forms created by water ripples, oil slicks, or refuse a foundation for deconstruction. I create patterns within patterns, representing vertical stacks of rhythms in the physical matter I paint.

My work highlights questions of proximity that bring the subject right up to the surface of the canvas, almost into the viewer's space. By breaking down waterscapes into abstracted forms, I invite the viewer to appreciate the physical, painterly and emotive qualities of the work, while appreciating the waterscape that inspired the idea behind the painting.

Destruction surrounds many sites where I paint water. Looking for formal value in polluted waters is my way of addressing the destruction.


For more information about the artist, please visit her website.