David Koeth

I’m a generally restless and therefore eclectic artist. Exploration using diverse materials and media keeps me engaged in creation. Like most good capitalists I am acquisitive, and currently I find it rewarding to gather trash and food and use both in the creation of artistic artifacts.

The Drought Series is a process-oriented group of paintings involving water, coffee, time, and lawn sprinklers. The Citrus Series is a group of spheres created by collecting and manipulating citrus peels. It is recycling in its purist form.

“In this sculpture series the artist captures our attention with the use of uncommon sculptural materials and uses wry humor to reinforce the concepts of recycling. The spheres remind us of the earth and the citrus peel applied to the surface are more than a little reminiscent of the continents. The pieces literally and metaphorically imply a great deal. We see in the process the resolve to complete a tedious task, evidence of problem solving and creativity, the ability to see the common in new ways and a solution that is balanced and well composed. The choices of materials and process are expertly woven into the series so that the finished sculptures hold the formal values of art, as well as, being metaphors for recycling.”

--Jim Heitzeberg, Corridor 2122 Gallery


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