Devin Cogger

What compels me to paint is the idea that painting can serve as a platform for influencing language. Visual ambiguity is a critical characteristic of my paintings as it enables the work to oscillate between modes of abstraction and representation. My approach to rendering ambiguity involves a picture plane densely populated with bulbous biomorphic forms that appear to restlessly undulate, ooze, and squelch. Each painting becomes a visual proposition that invites for imaginative acts of interpretation to take place, prompting viewers to investigate, unlock, and navigate a variety of potential narrative pathways. Alternatively, I encourage viewers to figuratively dig through the pigment to excavate visual content, as a spelunker might navigate a subterranean space or cavernous abyss. It is my playful intention that these enigmatic spaces and biomorphic forms serve as equipment for exercises in verbal description and workbenches for creative language.

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