Doni Silver Simons

These are two distinct bodies of work that developed simultaneously and are conceptually linked. Both explore interval, time, and the cyclical nature of repetition. 

In the raw canvas series I desiccate canvas, regarding thread as the basic unit of a woven system (i.e.lines in a drawing). Utilizing a multifaceted approach to transforming the canvas, deconstruction precedes reconstruction. In Addendum: the Video, strands fall randomly, directed by air currents, by my hand, and by time itself, which appears to be distorted. Repetition, interval, and time are represented in “Addendum: the video,” “again and again…,” “Constricted,” and “Turbulence in a Sea of Calm."

In the works, "I've Been Here Before," "Like A Homing Pigeon," and "Silk," repetition and interval are derived from our psychological need to retrace steps - to find our way "home" - no matter how destructive or how painful. 

Both bodies of work are sourced from the quietude of introspection (a search for openings in the permeable membrane of thought) and from the physical markers that tell us where we've been.

It seems appropriate to install this work in a hotel room where interval, time, and the cyclical nature of repetition defines the space.


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