Eric Johnston

Through the disciplined practice of painting and a passion for cultural affairs worldwide, Eric Johnston has created a distinctive visionary approach to his artwork. Using academic realism, traditional surrealism, and abstract approaches to contemporary topics, his paintings are direct manifestations of the way humans perceive nature and the environment in which they exist. Mr. Johnston’s artwork is centered on the principle of eliciting strong emotional responses to ambiguous settings and symbolic elements based on the viewers past experiences. The ability to see balance, beauty, and harmony is a theme carried throughout every piece of Eric’s artwork. No matter the style perceived, the artwork of Eric Johnston speaks in a language all of its own. Color, form, and composition are all key attributes in his everyday life that help shape the way he views the world around us. A lifetime of artistic freedom and creative mind authority has led Eric to believe that all his dreams are embodied in art.

Traveling the world and viewing our modern environment through the eyes of artists past, has given Eric insight on how to preserve our current history in the form of art. He aspires to visually educate people on the therapeutic qualities of art and the impact it can have on one’s soul. Persistently searching for meaning to our existence through the symbolic nature of consciousness is the driving force behind Mr. Johnston’s artwork. Eric currently resides in Northern California where he received his training in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Mr. Johnston plans to continue creating original artwork of individualized style whenever it may arise, drawing inspiration from his dreams, desires, and the parallel reality encompassing him. Every component of Eric’s artwork relies on one main objective, to question our innate aspirations concerning personal happiness.


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