Felipe Lopez

Felipe Lopez’s creative elements are water and light. His work refers to water as a precious commodity and its preservation as a main tenet of ecological ethics. Regardless of social status or culture, clean water is what ties humanity together as its basic necessity. Lopez’s work also looks at the spiritual aspect of water and what it means within religious purposes.

His favorite icons are assemblages of microcosms encapsulated in resin to emulate water within a light bulb shape suffused by brilliant ambient light. Using various sizes of light bulbs, these miniature installations contain floating organisms and elements from the natural world. Fanciful fly fishing lures present the human element referring metaphorically to our involvement with nature in all its forms.

All of humanity's curiosity with living beings in space are derived from creatures from the depths of the ocean. The energy that transforms the elemental aspect and the physical properties of water spiritually is another element within his work. As we’ve evolved as humans, our spiritual and religious thoughts have changed. Lopez is looking to explore how our relationship with the natural expands outside of our current planetary confines.

For more information about the artist, please visit his website.