Fernando Reyes

Throughout the years I’ve produced a large and diverse portfolio of figurative artwork. In the last three years, I’ve ventured into a new direction of abstract paper cutouts. These new cut-outs are made with my own handprinted paper that is cut and arranged into patterns. As a printmaker, I’ve created mono prints for many years but the idea of cutting and collaging them arose in late 2014 after seeing a retrospective of Matisse cut-outs at the MOMA in New York. A revelation occurred within me to venture into a new direction taking me through a creative journey that has expanded my artistic repertoire. My new work is an abstracted reflection of a myriad of images that have captured my imagination for years from art movements like Mid-century modern art; from individual artists like Alexander Calder, Ellsworth Kelly, Rex Ray to name a few; from visual childhood memories growing up during the 60’s of furniture, buildings, commercial advertising, fashion trends, movies and television. 


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