Flora Davis

I find a rugged beauty in metal. It reminds me of the qualities of mountains and rocks etched with time and rooted in place. Additional aspects of nature are apparent once its surface is chemically altered: earthy/textural or lyrical/rhythmic. Now the metal is reminiscent of ancient lichen on a rock’s surface, or drips of condensation down a window, an oily swirl on water, or a close up of a field of swaying reeds. 

My artistic process is an ongoing exploration of certainty versus not knowing, controlling versus letting go. Instead of relying on a sketch, I establish an intuitive connection with the materials as I work with them. This process allows ideas to gradually evolve and change. Like a Zen alchemist, multiple applications of an eclectic mix of chemicals and compounds are applied to copper, brass, aluminum and steel. This chemical alchemy sets in motion a process where an unassuming plain surface morphs into an amazing range of beautiful patterns, textures and colors. The end result is unpredictable; too many factors are always in play, which adds to the mystery of this exciting, uncontrollable process. 

Creating the patinated metallic surfaces is just the first step—they are the elements that comprise the final outcome: simple abstract compositions.


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