Frederika Roeder

My work follows the paths of Minimalism and the Light and Space Movements with roots in SoCal’s natural environment and iconic cultural lifestyle. 

A competitive surfer and extreme skier at a young age, my experiences in the mountains, oceans and deserts of Southern California inform both my life and art. I grew up in a family that lived the quintessential SoCal experience - surfing, hiking, skiing, riding - in a time that is past, yet so powerful that it continues to influence the imagery and youth culture of Southern California today. 

I use materials influenced by the surfing and skiing industries: fluorescent sprays, iridescent paint, gels, epoxy resins, beaded glass gels, and inks. Combined with oils, inks, acrylics, pastes and fluid and matte mediums, these materials achieve a luminosity: iridescent grunion in the Pacific waters at low tide; the dangerous grayness of a whiteout in the High Sierras. 

For more information about Frederika Roeder, please visit her website.