Graham Blake

Exhibiting with Robin Denevan in Room 301

My art began as a trip into the nostalgia of childhood, specifically the solace found in cinema. I try to bring the viewer into my past, by unpacking memories of a happier time through a simplification of images that capture the innocence and wonder of cinema through a child’s eyes. I am also inspired by street-artists, and their use of stencils to convey political and socio-economic messages. Many of my stencils are pure black and white, and not over-aestheticized to evoke a sense of pure nostalgia for the viewer. The use of fabric and it's subtle texture locked forever under a layer of resin is redolent of a warmth that can't be re-attained, and the inherent glare from the surface of the resin mimics the glare from old cathode ray televisions; my art is primarily meant to be enjoyed and be approachable. This first body of work focuses on female characters in films that resonated with me.


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