Graham Blake

The inspiration for my work, originally, was to try and capture the nostalgic feel of watching poor quality VHS video recordings on a cathode ray tube television during my youth. I wanted to show how with a minimum information I can still convey the feel of the scene in the movie. I even was going to go so far as to paint in the reflection off the glass of the TV, but the original prototypes couldn't convey what I wanted. Many iterations later, I started using spray paint and stencil to reduce the image to two colors with a background of fabric or paper, and layers of resin. The resin conveyed the glare, and the spray paint and stencil reduced the image to the point I was looking for. I love stencils as street art, as made popular worldwide by the likes of Banksy and Blek le Rat, and moving forward I am trying to use backgrounds of a more industrial nature like concrete.


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