Helen Dennis

Helen Dennis and Stephanie Serpick

Light, architecture, and urban environments are the focus of Dennis’ work. Using alternative photographic processes she creates artwork that are a fusion of drawing and photography. Using layers of drawings on translucent paper combined with alternative photographic processes she morphs the light into the imagery created. This process focuses on light and its role as an integral element within creation of the artwork. Beyond light, the subject of Dennis’ artwork is architecture and the ephemeral qualities of urban environments; shaped by their inhabitants, they present a constant state of flux and kinetic energy. The photo medium appears dominated by drawing; emphasizing the fine lines of understated and seemingly impossible geometric structures that depict the tension and weight of the environment. On close inspection the drawings are abstract and a mass of mangled lines. However when viewed as a whole they read as detailed architectural renderings, which depict the movement and energy found in urban environments.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website.