Jamie Banes

Growing up in a blue-collar construction family, I connected with tools and materials at an early age. Exposure to jobsites in my youth helped shape my interest in architecture and the ever-evolving organism of the built environment. These early experiences continue to inform my work and contribute to my own sense of place and identity. 

The built environment serves as a record of our activity, chronicling the effects of society’s needs and motives over time. The concept of structures as living entities is a natural starting point for my work, often stemming from themes of origin and decay within the urban landscape. The breakneck speed at which this life-cycle revolves in the Bay Area underscores the socioeconomic and political issues of our time and further influences my work. 

My process results in quirky assemblages reminiscent of childhood forts or tree house constructions in miniature. My most current work presents as a collection of eccentric architectural models and maps, wryly alluding to the seriousness of many ominous societal issues on our horizon. The materials I use are collected from woodshops, salvage yards and curbsides, in keeping with my inclination to reuse when possible.


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