Johanna Evans-Colley

Experimentation, process, materiality, perception, and technology are the center of my practice. The convergence and dissonance of opposing forces -- high tech/low tech, reflection/transparency, internal/external, control/chance motivates and drives the work. What happens in the middle?

The videos, photographs and neon in this body of work are studies on space and perception -- illusionistic, imagined, or otherwise, with the idea of the “Horizon” as a central theme. The forever sought after horizon. The “it will be better when we get there” or “look to the horizon” trope is fascinating, as arrival is never actually possible, this distant horizon will always be out of reach. 

Making these pieces is also an attempt to gain a more tactile, personal and immediate experience with technology, by using real physical stuff - paper, film, tape, blades, pins, glass, fire. The set-up, the taping, the cutting, the poking, the ripping, are all integral parts of the work. 

The resulting pieces have a slightly strange, handmade, low tech quality. The work has it’s own sense of meaning, place, space, and logic. The intention isn’t to hide the rough edges, but to expose the process.


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