Jon Fischer

Loops, natural cycles, and sequences are both the subject and the physical form of my artwork. For me, new work is always produced in multiples with an emphasis on variation, a practice intended to generate repeating units that can be displayed together in flexible patterns and grids. Some series contain two large variations, others contain lots of small ones. Sometimes variation is manifested in the form of materials–from wood to canvas, from newsprint to thread. Many different shows are possible starting from the same pieces. Created to imitate interconnected scales of nature such as dusk and dawn, the passing of the seasons, and the orbit of the planets, my work asks the question: how is a physical imprint like our experience of time?

My process removes information from images and reconstructs them with entirely new physical properties using screen printing. My work begins with images that depict a wide range of purposes and time scales such as cell phone videos shot from plane windows, drawings of continents, and photos of personal treasures. Combining elements of printmaking, painting, and photography, I use process as a force of nature, breaking down, reconstituting, and repeating pictures, artifacts, and curiosities from many points along the course of a history that is definitely personal and possibly infinite.

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