Karen Hochman Brown

In "Anonymous At The Beach" I use digital-synthesizer software to create computer-assisted drawings from virtual-paintbrushes. I am able to change endless parameters settings of virtual paintbrushes and then instruct the computer to apply "brushstrokes" one by one, based on visual information in my photographs.

"Anonymous At The Beach"

A solitary day at the beach

I am anonymous, but not alone.

The charge and retreat of the tide,

Back and forth with private conversations in public view.

They are anonymous, oblivious to my gaze.

I document the transient nature of anonymity.

Figures allow for waves to penetrate;

Shadows belie the paper ground.

Flesh becomes photo becomes digital.

I am the subject, and I am the witness.

You are anonymous, observing all.

In the Portrait Project, I turn subjects’ visages into unique digitally synthesized artwork. And at stARTup SF 2019, I will be creating LIVE, in real time. After a brief photo shoot, you can sit back and watch while she crafts your digital painting. You will leave with a unique portrait presented as a museum quality print, ready for framing. Even if you choose not to commission a portrait, feel free to stop by and watch the process and look at her other artwork for sale.


For more information about the artist, please visit her website.