Kathryn Kenworth

I use everyday materials to explore alternatives to commercial practices of marketing and consumption in favor of a more thoughtful means of exchange. 

My current work on paper uses marketing materials that arrive by mail such as supermarket flyers, glossy mail-order catalogs and various ads or promotions. I remove the images and organize them by theme or category as a way to emphasize excess and highlight the unnecessary products and unsolicited needs being endorsed. 

These collage pieces have sparked my interest in exploring ways to use the imagery to create an even more overwhelming display of products. Duplicating, repeating and manipulating the imagery, then applying it to different forms such as fabric, pillows or wrapping paper gives me an opportunity to experiment with combining art and commerce. 

Bringing generic, commercial images into an artistic form, then patterning and re-producing the artwork into new art “products” creates items of particular value, rather than mass produced or processed.


For more information about the artist, please visit her website.