Kathy Aoki

With two unique approaches, Mitra Fabian and Kathy Aoki plan to create immersive installations for the stARTup Art Fair Los Angeles. Whether it’s the compulsive production and disposal of material goods or the obsessive consumption of pop culture, both artists create worlds that are transcendent and absurd.

Aoki addresses contemporary beauty and pop culture trends through prints, drawings and sculpture. Presented in the context of an ersatz beauty museum, Aoki’s works are stylistically diverse, as if created in different time periods and reflecting different moments in art history. For the stARTup fair LA, Aoki will create an authoritative museum-style installation featuring artifacts from the fictitious mortuary temple of pop-icon Gwen Stefani. Aoki’s tongue-in-cheek exhibition, complete with audio tour and educational guides, will explore the outer limits of contemporary diva worship.

Using the bedroom as a traditional gallery space, both artists will have current sculptural and flat works on view. Aoki will present a variety of multiples and drawings that reference art history with a humorous twist. 


For more information about the artist, please visit her website.