Katy Parks Wilson

My images of the California coast, most specifically Three Arch Bay in Laguna Beach, along with the sea goddesses Amphitrite and Neptuna in Big Sur, represent a lifelong passion to capture beauty and hold it still for a moment. I have spent years wandering my beloved SoCal beach where my grandfather bought a house in the 60s. I've shot at all times of year, in all kinds of situations. The rocks never fail to be where they are, the waves never fail to crash in their patterned formation. Yet it is never the same.

Just as a woman can be ravishing one day, forlorn the next, savage and gentle, fragile and then and yet incredibly strong, my Three Arch Bay is constantly unpredictable. And my girls, playing with the sea, are constantly fertile. These images represent the conflux between sanctuary and freedom.. the boundless possibility, the peace of ever-change. My hope is that by sharing these photos, others will be able to enter this paradoxical place and feel as I did when I captured the beauty... that sense of standing on a planet swirling in space with the wind whipping in hair.


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