Kenneth Ober

My paintings contain complex fields created through the persistent repetition of simple lines in many colors. The multiple layers of marks interact to create a variety of visual experiences. These paintings are created primarily with a tool designed for pin-striping automobiles, which I use to apply precise lines on subtly-textured canvas. The lines of different colors work in conjunction with each other to create a visual color that is a hybrid of its components. Essentially, the colors coalesce in the viewer’s eyes; an experience known as the optical mixing of colors. I have used this technique primarily to create abstract landscapes, seascapes, and starscapes. The millions of tiny marks I make create a feeling that is similar to observing the physical world. A real landscape, seascape, or starscape is by no means still. It is actually moving constantly—e.g., waving grass, flowing water, shimmering stars. The marks on these paintings also visibly fluctuate, creating a sense of constant movement and change.


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