Kimberly Rowe

I make paintings, sculpture, and installations. My work is usually a little rugged, showing the physicality that goes into it. It is often big or at least it usually reads big even when I make small things. My materials and the way that I use them are meant to speak for themselves. Any marks that I make come out of a need to impart a sense of visceral expression through moving paint or other stuff around. I like to think of my work as a sort of visual music; my aesthetic runs the gamut between classical to funk, jazz to punk. I want to find the poetic, but also accentuate the grit. I welcome rough edges and unexpected wrinkles. I arrange and synthesize elements in ways that can sometimes cause abrupt stops and starts, as well as fluidity, taking the eye on a journey through a piece that is both legato and staccato. I want there to be some challenges in what I offer my viewer and myself; there needs to be some complexity even in harmony or simplicity. I find human imprecision captivating, so I have learned to allow myself the peace of mind that comes from embracing imperfection. Color is very important to me. And so is perception and paradox.


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